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The sections listed below will cover most of the questions concerning the concept of 'rakeback' and 'rakerace'.
If you cannot find the answer for your question please contact us here.

Rakeback FAQ

  • What is rakeback?

  • Do all poker rooms offer rakeback?

  • Do I automatically receive rakeback when I register?

  • I have registered to a poker room, but I signed up with a non-rakeback account. What can I do?

  • What is the difference between contributed and dealt rakeback? Which one is more beneficial?

  • How do I know how much rake I have generated?

  • Do I generate any rake when I play tournaments?

  • Will I still get a sign-up bonus if I set up a rakeback account with

  • How do I receive my rakeback money?

Rake race FAQ

  • What is a rake race?

  • What does the term \'exclusive\' mean concerning rake races and chases?

  • What is a rake chase?

General FAQ

  • What is MGR?

  • How often are my rakeback stats updated at

  • What does\'Bonuses Deducted\' or \'Bonuses Not Deducted\' mean?

  • What is a sign-up bonus?

  • I am from the the US. What poker rooms can I play in?

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