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Play Roulette Online Today

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Publish: 2016-11-05 16:03:07

Play Roulette Online Today

Ask ten people at random to name the most iconic casino game of all time and the odds are pretty high that just about all of them would agree that roulette, with its glorious wheel, is the most iconic game and maybe even the most emblematic of the entire casino experience.

That means that nothing feels like casino action quite as much as spinning that wheel and watching it slow down and finally settle on a number. Just like its counterpart in the real casino, roulette online is a game of pure luck. But what sets it apart from other luck-based games is the ability to choose exactly how much luck you feel you need in order to win.
You can set your own odds through the betting decisions you make. You can choose to bet on a  single number on the wheel if you're feeling exceptionally lucky - and going for the biggest possible payout. Or you can bet on all the even numbers or odd numbers or many other number combinations so that your bet covers larger parts of the wheel.

How to Play Roulette

On one level, roulette is a simple game. You choose the numbers you want to place your money on, spin the wheel, and if one of your numbers comes up, you win. If not, you lose. Nothing complicated about the game's rules.
But  it's in the betting that the game gets more complicated, and that's where the inner game of roulette takes place. That's the second, deeper level of game play. You increase your chances of winning by betting on more numbers. But you also decrease the amount of winnings because the payouts are smaller when there are more numbers.
The game also offers you a wide range of betting options. A straight up bet at All Slots Casino pays out 35:1. That means that if you guess the number that comes up on the wheel, you get a hefty sum for your trouble. Naturally, this is hard to do because the wheel has either 37 or 38 pockets (There are numbers one to 36, as well as the number 0 in Europe; American roulette has the additional pocket number 00 which accounts for the 38th pocket).

Betting in Online Roulette

There are many other bets you can make, though none pay out as well as the straight up winner. There is the split bet, which covers two adjacent numbers on the wheel. That doubles your chances of winning by creating a space that is twice as wide that brings winnings. But it cuts your payout in half, down to 17:1.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can choose a color bet, which lets you bet on all of the slots on either red or black, the two colors that alternate around the wheel. You have an even chance of winning, since every other slots is a winner. But the winnings are only 1:1. Slightly higher is the dozen bet, which lets you choose 12 consecutive numbers, either 1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36. Those bets pay out 2:1.

There are also numerous bets in between. The key is finding the point where you feel your lucky can carry you to win where the payout is at its highest. If you're not feeling particularly lucky, try one of the bets that cover large parts of the wheel. But if you're feeling extra lucky, go for one of the tough ones and see if you can reel in a huge payout.

The choice is yours. That's the beauty of roulette, and a huge part of the reason the game has stayed so popular though all the changes that have taken place in the casino, online and off.

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