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Enjoy a Game of Red Dog at William Hill

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Publish: 2013-11-07 17:44:13

Red Dog is a card game that you can play against the house. It is only the value of the cards that count here, not the suits. High cards have assigned values of 11, 12, 13 and 14 for Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces, respectively. The game is very easy to learn and equally fun to play – just follow these simple steps and familiarise the user interface of the application to master the game. For even more details, visit the Red Dog - Software and Rules Explained page at the William Hill Casino website.

First, you place a bet by clicking on the chips on the screen. Right click them to remove chips from your bet. When you are ready, click ‘Deal’ to receive your cards. There will be two on the table on the first street and if they have consecutive values, the round is an immediate tie with your bet being returned to you. If, however, the cards are equal in value, a third card is drawn: in case it matches the original two, you get paid 11:1 and if it does not, the round is a tie.

Red Dog at William Hill

In case the cards neither consecutive nor equal in value, the gap between their respective values determine a Spread. Once it is established, you can either raise your bet or call. Clicking ‘Raise’ will double your original bet and clicking ‘Call’ will tell the dealer you are happy with your current bet size and you are ready to move on.

A third card is drawn to the original two on the table. If this card falls between the first two in value, you win equal (except for Spreads of 1 to 3, where your winning has better odds). Remember, the third card can neither match any of the existing cards nor have a value outside the Spread. With this third card, the round is over and if you won, you can collect your prize.

To launch a new round, click ‘New Game.’ To place the same bet as in the previous one, click ‘Rebet’ and to place a different amount, simply go with the above instructions.

Here are the buttons and their assigned actions summed up:

  • Deal: you tell the dealer you are happy with your bet and the cards can be tabled
  • Raise: after the Spread is established, you can double your original bet before the third card is dealt
  • Call: after the Spread is established, you tell the dealer you do not wish to raise and the third card can be dealt
  • New Game: start a new round of Red Dog
  • Rebet: place the same bet as in the previous round and deal the cards

Find more details and the description of Shortcut Keys at the William Hill Casino website, following the link above.

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