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Moorman Breaks Own Record, Takes Down 13th Triple Crown

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Publish: 2013-02-16 15:34:21

P5s magazine’s Triple Crown is among the most coveted titles for online tournament players, right after the great end-of-the-year awards. It is also among the hardest to achieve, as it requires tourney victories in three different online poker rooms within a week.

How the Triple Crown is earned:

  • A player must win three multi-table tournaments, each of which start within the same seven day period across three of any of the sites we track for P5er cashes.
  • Each tournament must have a prize pool of at least $10K.
  • Each tournament must have at least 100 players.
  • Satellite tournaments do not count.
  • Wins must be verified by the staff from data collected from the sites themselves.

Ten or more Triple Crowns are only held by two in the history of online poker: runner-up to Moorman, Hungarian 'Belabacsi' boasts 10 titles. Recorder ‘moorman1’ won his 12th title in November, 2012.

Chris Moorman
Chris 'moorman1' Moorman

On 9 February, Moorman set out to break his own record once again: he won the $300 NLHE $30,000 Guaranteed tournament on FTP for $9,828, besting a field of 117. On 11 February, he took down the $100 NLHE Speed $15,000 Guaranteed tourney for $3,940 among 152 players on bwin (PartyPoker). Finally, he added $12,016 to his bankroll after defeating 394 contestants in the $109 NLHE (Turbo, 2X Chance) $30,000 Guaranteed event on PS.

Moorman is a record holder not only of Triple Crown titles but also in most money won in online tournaments, currently standing at a total profit of $8,928,132.

The Triple Crown Top 10 Players are the following:

moorman1 - 13
Belabacsi - 10
mementmori - 9
o11pokerdr - 7
Naza114 - 6
1banditpanda - 6
JLizard - 6
Big Huni - 5
scnoodle - 5
noctus – 5

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