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$600,000 up for grabs at GGPoker in October!

Publish: 2019-09-26 18:24:21

The GGNetwork prepares another six-figure month and some upgrades regarding the "Rush & Cash" games.

The best deal on GGNetwork is certainly our offer at GGPoker, which includes the followings:

+ 200% First Deposit Bonus up to $1,000 (equals 16.7% rakeback)
+ up to 50% rakeback in the Fish Buffet system
+ Exclusive Chase with 30-35% extra rakeback

Rake($) Prize($) Rakeback
10000+ 3500+ 35%
9000 3150 35%
8000 2800 35%
7000 2450 35%
6000 2100 35%
5000 1750 35%
4500 1575 35%
4000 1400 35%
3500 1155 33%
3000 990 33%
2500 825 33%
2000 660 33%
1500 495 33%
1250 412.5 33%
1000 330 33%
750 225 30%
500 150 30%
300 90 30%
100 30 30%

Attention VIP players! If you generate over $3,000 of rake a month, reach out to us for even better offers.

GGNetwork continues to impress players with overwhelming promotions in October, which together will account for $600,000 in prizes.

October will favor the Rush & Cash and the PLO players, as the former will be rewarded with $500,000 in prize money, while the latter with $100,000.

Rush & Cash Monthly $500,000

The largest portion of the prizes will certainly go into the Rush & Cash player's pockets in form of four weekly leaderboards with $100K in prizes for each.

For every cent of rake a player generates in the R&C games, they'll receive 1 point on the leaderboard.

The leaderboards will be divided into four categories based on the stakes.

Stakes Prizes
NL200$ $59,150
NL50$ $29,125
NL10$ $9,290
NL2$ $2,486
Sum $100,051

Rush & Cash weekly mission

Similarly to the regular promotion for the cash game tables, this promotion is more for the recreational players, but of course the regulars can benefit from them as well. Players will be assigned with seven missions each week which must be completed at the R&C tables.

Those, who complete at least five missions will get a seat to the Sunday Mission Complete $20K Freeroll. Depending on the number of completed missions, players will start with different stack sizes, between 2,000 and 10,000.

$100,000 Omahafest

PLO enthusiasts will also have a nice way to create some extra income. The Omahafest offers eight different leaderboards for stakes between PLO10 and PLO2K.

Stake Prizes
PLO2K$ $25,500
PLO1K$ $19,700
PLO500$ $18,900
PLO200$ $16,590
PLO100$ $10,700
PLO50$ $6,870
PLO25$ $3,430
PLO10$ $1,326
Total $103,016

Rush & Cash upgrades

In addition to the fat prizes, there are other things, which will be waiting for the Rush & Cash grinders from October. The game will be more similar to the regular tables, with the following changes:

+ The blind structure will change from the button ante to the regular small- and big-blind format
+ The rake structure will change from "fixed rake per player" to the usual percentage of the pot

Also, the Cash Drops rakeback will change from 65% to 50%, but the Fish Buffet will work for the Rush & Cash tables too - so the overall rakeback should not drop at all!

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