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$60,000,000 POWERFEST turns full speed

Publish: 2018-09-13 15:27:46

The massive tournament festival already made several players rich, but there are still plenty of opportunities left to book a life-changing score!

It's all about the tournaments now at Partypoker, thanks to the tens of POWERFEST events every day, with five-, six-, or even seven-figure prize pools!

'rudiqa1', 'MnDBreaker', 'GlobalHappiness', 'PSHater777'. You might not be familiar with these nicknames, but they have one thing in common: all of them walked away with a five-figure score in the recent days at POWERFEST.

You can easily join them, even today, as Partypoker offers a ton of great tournaments, with renewed structures (LINK), and huge prize pools. Today's schedule looks like this:

Thanks to the different buy-in tiers, all players can find the stake which fits their bankroll the most. There are several tournaments where you only need to risk $1.50 but if you want to go big, you'll also find your game of choice, amongst the high and the high-roller events.

Good news for those, who have a more modest bankroll but want to swim with the sharks: satellites are running around the clock at Partypoker, offering quick and cheap chances for a huge payday!

Speak of satellites, Partypoker's just came out with a unique additional prize in form of their $500K POWERFEST Passport!

Those who would still stick to the cash games have no reason to be sorrow, as a lot of cash tables are running 24/7 at all stakes!

The cash backs up to 40% and our exclusive €4,000 race make sure you can count on stable profit even if you can't figure out your opponents at the tables!

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