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2022 Biggest Cash Game Winners by Limit - 4th and Final

Author: pokeradmin

Publish: 2023-03-13 14:20:47

2022 Biggest Cash Game by Limit Winners (Part 4)

We’ve finally reached the last installment in the series of the biggest 2022 cash game winners by limit. In this article, we’ll discuss the highest of high-rollers in the poker industry, looking at the categories NL10,000 to NL40,000. We’ll explore the bb/100 and EV bb/100 of the top players and what they won during the year.

Top Players in 2022

As with the previous articles, we’ve used Smarthand’s database, with the caveat that this database doesn’t list all the poker platforms.

NL10,000 Top Player

The best high-roller in this category is a Mexican regular, Ignacio Morón, who used the nickname Nacho124441 on PokerStars. He won $551,747 over 40,240 hands, most of the hands at SH tables, and has a 13.7 bb/100. The estimated value of his winnings is $494,240, which results in a 12.3 EV bb/100.

NL20,000 Top Player

Unlike other categories, the NL20,000 is made exclusively from GGPoker players. The best player is one we discussed before, as he was also the top player in the NL2000 category. Victor Kudinov is a Russian player who goes by zas911 on PokerStars and Avr0ra on the WPN network.

He played around 25,001 hands, of which 18,482 were on SH tables and the others at HU tables. Overall, he won $879,360 with a 17.6 bb/100, of which $389,196 were on SH tables, ranking him as the third-highest winner in this category. He has a 15.2 EV bb/100, as the expected value of his winnings is $758,472.

NL40,000 Top Player

The NL40,000 is the highest stake the Smarthand database tracks, and Markus Leikkonen, a Finnish player, is ranked at the top. Using the nickname M Leikkonen on GGPoker, others might know him as makeboifin on Starsos.

He won $700,405 over 11,221 hands, 7,509 of which were SH tables. Of his total winnings, $636,764 were on SH tables, and he was the best of the category in stakes. He has a 15.6 bb/100, but unlike many others, he actually did better on his expected value, as the EV winnings are $754,182 with a 16.8 EV bb/100.

Overall Best 2022 Winners

When looking at the overall winners, M Leikkonen is at the top, followed by Barak Wisbrod and Kevin Paque. Others we mentioned previously in articles are Nachi124441, which ranks sixth, and T Duthweiler, who ranks ninth. We can clearly see how online poker players’ quality has improved since 2011.

Rakeback and Biggest Winners

A significant reason players in 2011 could have similar winnings despite playing fewer hands is that rakeback deals were more abundant. Rakeback is vital to players, as it can enhance your overall profit. However, the top players of 2022 have shown their skill, and we can simply imagine how they’ll do when using excellent rakeback offers to boost their bankroll.

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