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47% Extra Rakeback at Unibet Poker

Publish: 2019-09-10 16:35:24 players can gain almost 50% extra rakeback at the site in September!

One of the longest-running exclusive promotions of ours is the €5,000 exclusive race at Unibet Poker. This race enjoys widespread popularity amongst our players and in September it can provide you with an even higher return, than usual!

Based on the current standings, the winner of the race will walk away with a 47% extra rakeback, as the €1,600 top prize can be taken down with about €3.4K of rake.

This comes on the top of the up to 62% cash backs by the site, meaning insane value for those who sign up via our link on this page!

The second biggest prize, the €1,000 can be yours for about €3,000 of rake, which means a 33% extra for the runner-up this month, while the third-place prize, the €600 cash only needs about €2.3K rake.

In addition to our promotion and the cash backs by Unibet Poker, Omaha players have something else to be happy about too. The Omaha Action Week offers plenty of MTT action for the lovers of the "great game"!

Unibet Poker gives away €5,000 worth final tickets for players, who complete simple missions. See the details below:

Monday - Wednesday 16/09 18/09
Time CET Buy-in Name Final tickets added
19:00 €50 €4,000 Omaha Week Rebuy 20 x €25
20:00 €10 €1,500 Omaha Week Rebuy 12 x €25
21:00 €2 €300 Omaha Week Rebuy 2 x €25
Thursday - Saturday 19/09 21/09
Time CET Buy-in Name Final tickets added
19:00 €25 €2,500 Omaha Week Rebuy 20 x €25
20:00 €5 €1,000 Omaha Week Rebuy 12 x €25
21:00 €0.50 €100 Omaha Week Rebuy 2 x €25
Sunday 22/09
Time CET Buy-in Name
19:00 €25 re-entry + addon €10,000 Omaha Week Final

King of Flips Crown and Prizes

If you want to take a shot at the €2,000 Unibet Open package, you simply need to login to the client. After that, you'll automatically receive a free bronze token, which can be used against the King of Flips in the Poker Flips mini-game.

You can earn more tokens by playing cash games, Hexapros or SNGs, meaning more ammo against the King. After each hand in the game - which is an automatic all-in flip -, you can decide to take your prize or risk it for a higher one by another flip.

How to earn tokens:
Pick up tokens in 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn up to 5 tokens per tier (up to 15 tokens in total per day). To earn one token, a player must
  • See 25 flops in Cash Game or
  • Play 5 SNGs or
  • Play 3 Hexapros
The stakes played determines your token tier:

Game Tier Bronze Silver Gold
Cash Game €4 & €10 €25, €50 & €100 €200 & €400
SNG €1, €2 & €4 €10 & €25 €50, €100 & €200
Hexapro €1, €2 & €5 €10 & €25 €50 & €100

What you can win:

Bronze 10 Bonus Points 
20 Bonus Points 
40 Bonus Points
€1 MTT Ticket
200 Bonus Points
400 Bonus Points
€10 Hexapro Ticket
2000 Bonus Points
4000 Bonus Points
€100 Supernova MTT ticket
20000 Bonus Points
40000 Bonus Points
80000 Bonus Points
Unibet €2,000 Unibet Open Package

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