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65% Gross Rakeback in the iPoker Network

Publish: 2020-11-06 17:57:29

Best Poker is here, bringing on the best offer!

The Best Deal in the iPoker Network is our BestPoker offering, which includes the followings:
  • 200% Welcome Bonus up to €2,000;
  • 35% Flat VIP Rakeback;
  • Up to 20% Extra Rakeback;
  • €50,000 Twister Races;
  • All Site and Network Promotions;
  • Free deposits and withdrawals;

The iPoker is one of the longest operating online poker networks, and despite not being the market leader, they have decent, stable traffic thanks to their HUD policy, good player pools, and massive overall rakeback.

At BestPoker, you can easily earn 65% rakeback with us, thanks to the Welcome Bonus, the VIP Rakeback, our Exclusive Chase, and the promotions by the site and the Network.

200% Welcome Bonus up to €2,000

As we discussed earlier, this bonus will offer 20% for the first €800 you realize and then 10% for the rest.

35% VIP Rakeback

In addition to the Welcome Bonus for new players, all of the grinders who sign up via our link will be set to a 35% VIP level from the get-go, meaning a nice, sustainable, and easily predictable side income for you!

This rakeback is based on the old gross rake, which you can see in your tracker - no tricky calculation methods here!

Exclusive Chase 10-20% Extra Rakeback

Once you finished the welcome bonus, you'll be added to this promotion automatically, which will offer you up to 20% extra rakeback in addition to the VIP rakeback detailed above!

This means up to 55% rakeback for you in the long run, in addition to your in-game winnings, but this is not everything!

You'll also be entitled to all of the promotions offered by iPoker, including the €50,000 Twister races and all of the promotions offered by BestPoker exclusively for their players!

Currently the most popular site promotion amongst lesser experienced players is the Jack of Spades promotion, which rewards all players with €5 cash who play 500 hands on NL20/20 or below! This may seem insignificant, but for micro-stakes grinders, it will skyrocket their winrate!

This would mean an insane overall return of 65%+, which will help you maximize your poker income and save you from huge downswings while increasing your upswings as well!

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