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A Giant from Asia: IDNPoker Network Room is Partnering with

Publish: 2017-09-22 14:00:06

Our newest partner room is 12BetPoker, a prominent room in the IDNPoker Network. IDN is currently ranked second in player traffic in the .COM/.EU market.

We wrote about IDN back in August - we speculated whether they can take over PokerStars' long-held number one spot in cash game player traffic in the near future.

IDNPoker - the biggest fishpond out there

IDNPoker almost exclusively hosts players from Asia only, making them being second in the market even more impressive. They usually have 4000-5000 players at their cash game tables at any given time.

Since the network is not very exposed to markets outside Asia, they don't have any international regulars playing there which makes the player pool distinctly soft.

Two user reviews from PokerScout:

Unfortunately is not ready for western people but i went Indonesia to visit my friend , I can only say good things about this poker site. "Unfortunately is not ready for western people but i went Indonesia to visit my friend, I can only say good things about this poker site. #CatchUpAmaya"

"Great site loads fast no any other technical issues either. I specially like fast games (have half the time to think about what you do) that would make fast and better games. Games have good action players are not just waiting for good cards they are playing."

After we published the article about IDN, some of our players asked if there is a way for them to join one of the IDN rooms from outside Asia. Well, we are happy to announce that there is now: is partnering with 12BetPoker, a prominent room of the IDNPoker Network!

12BetPoker - a door to the Asian online poker scene

Our newest partner 12BetPoker is a Malaysian poker room. We do acknowledge that if you're looking for the comfort and smooth operation you're used to nowadays, you may be disappointed. But the extreme soft player pool is a great redeeming quality of the room.

Depositing is kind of "messy" - you have to transfer the money with Skrill, and you have to ask support for the account where it needs to be transferred to. Once the transaction's complete you have to notify support. Then the deposit is credited to your account in th Malaysian currency, ringgit (MYR). This is the official currency on 12BetPoker.

We understand that this is an unusual way to handle deposits, but please note that no other room in the network allows Skrill deposits. Also, as we mentioned the network is largely closed to European players, so you'll have a giant fish pond, separated from the European and American regs.

With our test account we deposited $20 and got 88 MYR for it - we had no trouble making the deposit.

Further inconvenience is that 12BetPoker does not have a software to download, their client runs in your browser. You'll need a proxyserver service like Zenmate to be able to play at their tables. Also, you cannot multi-table on the site.

These may sound a little disconcerting, but we assure you, there are many things on the "pro" side of the argument about the room as weel. The player field really is extremely week. You get 25% fix rakeback every week, and they have other great central promotions - a rake race, refer a friend and welcome bonus, among others.

Try 12BetPoker and tell us about your experience!

Since 12BetPoker does have its peculiarities along with its positive traits we mentioned - soft player pool, 25% rakeback - we decided not to run an exclusive promotion with them just yet. But this can be changed at any point. If we see that the players like playing on the room we are open to launch exclusive promos with 12BetPoker so you can increase your winnings there - so it's worth trying it out if you want more exclusive deals. Since IDNPoker is still a "dark horse" even to us, we recommend you test the waters over tehre with a smaller deposit and tell us about your experience with them so we too can get to know the giant from Asia that is the IDNPoker Network better.

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