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Anonymous high-stakes player drops $250,000 in a blink of an eye

Publish: 2019-01-17 16:28:05

The mysterious "Fulltilt2608" plays almost every hand and loses $150K in 40 minutes!

High-stakes online cash games are considered to be the toughest games in the entire world. The guys, who constantly battle the $50/$100+ games spend multiple hours studying the game, using game-theory in order to create a perfect strategy.

Only the sharpest can manage to hang in these games, as inexperienced players rarely make an appearance at stakes of this caliber. However, an enigmatic moniker showed up at the biggest stakes of PokerStars and started battling against the most feared players in the game.

The mysterious "Fulltilt2608" took on the likes of "LlinusLlove", "borntotilt", "0Human0", and "ZarubaNT" amongst others. One might suspect when a new player joins these line-ups, that it can be a shady high-stakes player, who uses another account to get action.

This is certainly not the case here, because "Fulltil2608" played a completely different game, playing so lose and reckless, no one has before on these stakes. He played big hands, he played many hands and he played them bad. Very bad.

In his first session, he managed to drop $150K at the $50/$100 NLH and PLO games, making the regulars at the table very happy, while the rest on the waiting list very envy.

Then he returned and the battle continued. The outcome was no surprise, "Fulltilt2608" dropped another $150K, losing his last chips to "LlinusLlove".

The biggest winner of the action is believed to be "underO", with an estimated $100K profit.

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