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Baard Dahl’s Take on the Future of the iPoker Network

Author: Pokeradmin

Publish: 2024-02-08 10:37:38

Baard Dahl’s Take on the Future of iPoker

In the last few years, iPoker has experienced rapid growth. It boasts of being the world’s largest B2B poker network, with over a dozen skins active in multiple countries. However, what will 2024 bring to the network? Baard Dahl, iPoker’s Network & Promotions Manager, has some interesting insights on what lies in store for the brand this year.

iPoker Vs Other Giants

The iPoker network is the network with the third-most weekly cash game average traffic. However, what does Dahl have to say about it in comparison to poker giants like GGPoker and PokerStars?


GGPoker is the current king in the market. However, Dahl states that iPoker’s goal isn’t necessarily to compare itself to GGPoker with the intent to surpass them. Instead, the team focuses on ensuring product excellence, which will naturally speak for itself.


While the network might be a way off from challenging GGPoker, they’re closing in on PokerStars’ figures. However, Dahl states that surpassing PokerStars in 2024 isn’t dependent on their own actions. Instead, he believes that focusing on expanding the network by gaining new partners is the right option. As such, the brand will focus on effective strategies and promotions that encourage growth.

iPoker’s Year Ahead

Dahl also spoke about the plans for 2024. He stated that the brand is eager to enter the North American jurisdictions sooner rather than later. Further, while it’s not guaranteed, the company aims to surpass their previous €10 million prize pool record in the year.

However, what really makes 2024 such an exciting year is the other highlights. The brand is collaborating with various event organisers to add a more significant choice of live event qualifiers to the line-up. They’re creating bigger, better, and more exciting tournaments and unveiling innovative features that’ll make their brand unique in the industry.

Main Challenge

Dahl states that while it’s easy to get lost in the mindset of competing with other networks, the primary challenge would be to simply focus on their products. The company focuses on sustainable growth, so the challenge is to grow their offering without moving too fast and setting back their progress.

Poker Security

As the network understands security is paramount in online poker games, they have a team in Birmingham that monitors games 24/7. Dahl assures that this team is constantly looking for collusions and other methods of cheating to provide a safer experience. He also mentions that the brand has an ongoing collaboration with GTO Wizard, which analyses player patterns on the network. This year will bring an expansion of that collaboration, which will result in even better detection capabilities on the network.

What Does Dahl Expect from iPoker?

Dahl is optimistic that 2024 will be an excellent year for iPoker’s growth. With the company onboarding new operators, expanding their security measures, and boasting new promotions, what isn’t to like about it? In fact, players joining the iPoker’s RedStar skin can participate in our exclusive chase. offers a 15% chase for players who sign up at RedStar through us and link their accounts. Join now and benefit from iPoker’s impressive growth and innovative features.

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