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Bankroll boost for the low-stakes players at Betfair Poker

Publish: 2019-03-11 17:37:56

The €10,000 race at the site provides players playing up to NL20 with huge extra value!

Betfair Poker, member of the iPoker network is grinder heaven when it comes to promotions! Our players can participate in the €20,000 race at the site regardless of the stakes and the format.

But while the biggest prizes require high rake amounts, even our lower stakes players can benefit from the 2x €5,000 race at the site! This promotion is only available for players playing up to NL/PL20 ($0.10/$0.20 blinds) which means, that they only have to compete against fellow micro-stakes grinders.

The top prize is €500 which is certainly a huge boost for the NL20 players and the most dedicated one can even walk away with €1,000 each month as the first race runs between the 1st and the 15th of each month, while the second between the 16th and the 31st.

The current leader of the race is looking for an extra 23.03% rakeback right into his players' account, thanks to the race!

While the time might be a bit late to join this one, the second €5,000 will start on the 16th, so make sure not to hesitate and take down the €500! You can start right here!

While this race favors the cash game grinders, the Twister enthusiasts can also find a way to bag a nice prize, thanks to the 2x €2,500 Twister race is only available for players playing Twister SNGs up to buy-ins of €10!

This race rewards the winner with €400, while there are 50 places paid! Make sure not to miss on the opportunity by clicking here!

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