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Biggest platform release in two years at Unibet Poker

Publish: 2020-03-13 16:18:30

Rake decrease, rake increase, and progressive timebanks are all included.

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Unibet Poker announced their latest upgrade to be rolled out next week, which will be the biggest platform release in more than two years, according to the site. Version 2.40 will go live on Tuesday, March 17, with several changes.


One of the most important changes affects the timebanks in cash games, tournaments and SNGs as well. Unibet intends to speed up the action. Players in cash games, SNGs and HexaPros will now have 10 seconds to act pre-flop instead of the current 20 and 15 seconds.

The timebank will offer 15 seconds for preflop decisions in regular MTTs, while 10 in hypers and 20 in slow-paced tournaments.

Rake structure

Probably the most important aspect for players is the rake structure in their game, which Unibet will now change as well, starting on April 1.

The changes mean an increase in the NL/PLO4 games, while a decrease in the NL/PLO10-25 games. According to Unibet, despite the rake increase, their rake in the €0.02/€0.04 games still "remains the industry best".

They also stated, that these changes "will also give us more possibilities with promotions, in terms of including these stakes.."

'Stubbe-Unibet' added that they “believe that the rake at NL4 is almost too good today, in the sense that it gives little incentive to move up in stakes, and the stake becomes much tougher and not as great a place for new players to start out, as we want.”

Table cap

Unibet Poker also changes the max number of tables on NL4 from eight to six tables.

The changes will go live on Tuesday, March 17 between 5 am and 6 am, when the games will be paused. The new structure will be implemented from April 1.

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