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Earn 42% extra rakeback at Unibet!

Publish: 2019-10-14 15:10:55

Our exclusive €5,000 race offers market-leading extra value in October.

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Our exclusive promotion at Unibet Poker is one of the longest-running race at our site, which provides the participants with a hefty extra income from months to months.

The race provided those, who registered to Unibet Poker with a 17.76% extra rakeback in September, but the winner earns even more, as the €1,600 top prize equaled to 30.55% extra rakeback.

At half time in October, the numbers are even more promising! Based on current results, our promotion will make you 22.18% extra rakeback on average, while the winner will walk away with 42.17% extra in form of a €1,600 instant cash prize right into his/her balance!

This means, that if you can generate €3,800 of rake in the upcoming two weeks, you'll almost certainly granted the €1,600 cash!

The second-place also worth a nice prize of €1,000 and you can take down this prize for as little as €3,400 of rake - meaning 29.83% extra rakeback for you!

We're glad to say, that our €5,000 exclusive race at Unibet Poker will earn 26% extra rakeback for the top five finishers in October, but as we reward a total of 30 players, even the lower stakes grinders have a clear shot at the prizes!

See the current standing below:

# Prize(€) Player ID
Rake(€) Raceback(%)
1 1,600 *0*4*2*3* 1591 42.17
2 1,000 *0*8*7*8* 1406 29.83
3 600 *1*7*0*8* 1330 18.92
4 400 *1*2*1*9* 904 18.55
5 300 *0*5*6*2 557 22.6

This comes on the top of the first deposit bonus by Unibet Poker, which equals a 25% rakeback!

Unibet Poker's loyalty system also offers players outstanding rakeback! Even though the highest levels are impossible to reach, you can easily count on an about 10-28% extra from the site, which makes Unibet one of the best choices for October!

As the site banned HUDs years ago, the fields are significantly softer than at other sites, and thanks to the presence of sports bettors and casino players, there is no shortage of fish regardless of the game type!

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