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End of year $100k Pooled Rake Race at NATURAL8 and PPI Poker

Publish: 2017-11-27 12:30:23

To celebrate the end of 2017, NATURAL8 and PPI Poker announced a $100K pooled Rake Race promotion, rewarding 200 players!

The newest partner of is Natural8, one of the most popular rooms of GG Network - which is also the home of PPI Poker. The network heavily focuses on the asian market, where players love to gamble. Their traffic is growing rapidly, thanks to the wide variety of games they offer. They have special tables for players, bored of the regular games: their 'All-in of Fold' tables are extremely popular as well as the 'Fortune Spin' games.

Jump into the action anytime

Natural8 is one of the leading pokerrooms of the network. They are represented by top notch players like Dong "Donger Kim" Kim, Bryan "bparis" Paris or Kitty Kuo. The deposits and withdrawals are also quick and safe - both to Skrill and Neteller, with no fees at all.
You can ask for help in several languages as they offer chinese-, japanese-, english-, german-, french-, russian-, spanish- and portuguese- speaking support.

We're confident to say that our $3,500 exclusive PPI Poker rake race is a great offer but we're stepping back for a while since we can't compete with the huge $100,000 pooled race offered by PPI Poker and NATURAL8.
The race starts December 1st and ends on 31st. There are multiple days to boost your points as every rake generated on Mondays and Sundays will be doubled.

The leaderboard will be updated once a day. If multiple players reach the same rank, the prizes will be added up and devided equally between the players. (For example, if 3 players finish with the same rank in 3rd place, then the 3rd, 4th and 5th place prize will be added up and divided between the three players equally. The next rank then will be 6th place.)

Prizes will be transferred to the player's balances within 5 days after the promotion ends. Two hundred players will be awarded, with a $18,000 first place prize to the eventual winner!

Rank Prize($)
1 18,000
2 12,000
3 7,300
4 6,000
5 5,000
6 4,000
7 3,000
8 2,000
9 1,800
10 1,700
11 1,600
12 1,500
13 1,400
14 1,200
15 1,100
16 1,000
17 900
18 800
19 700
20 600
21-25 500
26-30 400
31-35 300
36-40 250
41-50 200
51-60 180
61-75 160
76-100 140
101-125 130
126-150 120
151-175 110
176-200 100
Total 100,500

also offers a 200% first deposit bonus. If you make a minimum deposit of $100 (up to $500) you'll be automatically eligible for the bonus.
They also allow you to get an instant $8 cash reward by making an $8 deposit.

No shortage of bonuses at PPI Poker either. They offer 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000 as well as rakeback up to 50%.

To make sure that 2018 will have a merry beginning as well, we're bringin back our exclusive races for PPI Poker and NATURAL8 as well next year.

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