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Exclusive Point Chases on the Microgaming Network

Publish: 2017-07-03 11:59:59

In July there will be no exclusive rake races on Stan James or Betsson - because we'll be holding two exclusive point chases with guaranteed prizes! What is a point chase, how's it different from a rake race? Find out below.

You may have noticed two $0 prize pool rake races on our front page - what's going on?

Zero may sound bad, but what if I told you that zero means that there is no cap on how much a the rooms - Stan James and Betsson - are going to pay out to our players combined.

If you reach a certain amount of points, you'll get paid. Guaranteed. No need to stress about someone pushing you out of the paying positions on the last day of the month. 

On Betsson, the first prize, the most you can earn through the chase is €2,000 - you need to collect 250,000 Loyalty Points for that. You have to earn at least 5,000 Loyalty Points to get a prize, €40. You get 10 Loyalty Points for every dollar you rake either by paying tournament fees or playing cash games.

On Stan James the highest level is also 250,000 Loyalty Points, that gets you $2,000, while the lowest is 5,000 points which is worth $40. The "exchange rate" is the same here, $1 rake equals to 10 Loyalty Points.

If you do the math these point chases amount to 8-10% extra rakeback for players.

Betsson €2,000 Exclusive Point Chase
Stan James $2,000 Exclusive Point Chase

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