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Publish: 2017-12-29 11:09:42

As next year is coming closer we thought that every grinder wants to get back to the tables from January, after some well-earned time off the felt. Here is the list of our races exclusively for players.

This guy has surely never heard about our races


$10,000 exclusive race

We introduced our very first $10,000 race in December, which allowed you to choose from several sites to compete at. Good news: the race continues in January as well. Our biggest race amounts for about 16% extra value. We reward 55 players in this promotion, with $1,500 for the winner, giving you a real motivation to get back to the grind.

You can choose from the 5 sites included in this race here:

Coral Poker
Juicy Stakes
Intertops Poker

€4,500 race at Unibet Poker

The favourite race by many of you is also coming back next year. At Unibet Poker you don't need to compete against masses, which makes it easier for every participant to reach the money - potentially the €1,200 prize.

You can jump into the action here!

$4,000 Partypoker race

As one of the biggest and most recognised sites, Partypoker can't be excluded from our exclusive races. We offer $4,000 in prizes for our players, $750 going for the eventual winner. This promotion equals to 12.5% extra value on average. In addition to this Partypoker also offers rake back to their players up to 40%!

You can take part in the party at Party here!

$5,000 race at BetClic Poker

25 players to be awarded, $1,200 for first. Do we need anything more to say? Well, we actually can.
According to the past results, cash game players only need to rake about $3,000 for the first prize, which means 40% extra bonus! Playing Twister SNG's? Even better! We count double Summit points for those.

Get your share of the prize pool here!

$1,000 Everest Poker race

We would like to also favour our players at Everest Poker as well, with an exclusive race. At this site, we offer $1,000 prizes, with $350 going for first. The BetClic Poker rules apply here as well, meaning that even less play can be enough for the prizes - giving you more than 30% extra value on average.

You can prepare for the race here!

€5,000 Betsson Poker chase

We also offer an exclusive chase for our Betsson Poker players - and also for Betsafe and Nordicbet players). This promotion gives you extremely high cash back if you earn enough points as everyone has the chance to reach the €5,000 first prize! The €2,000 first deposit bonus and the 30% cash backs make the site an even better choice.

Grab the value here or here or here!

$2,500 exclusive chase at Stan James Poker

At Stan James Poker we offer you a safe and easily calculable way to earn extra value. In this chase you don't have to worry about the competition as everyone has the opportunity to reach the $2,500 first prize if they earn enough points - you only have to beat yourself!
Other than our exclusive, Stan James Poker also has a central race, where players can earn an extra $1,500. Oh, and they also have 30% flat cashback for every player. Lost count? Let us help you out. This amounts to about 50% value back! We're not even sure if we should mention the first deposit bonus of 200%!

Maximize your EV here!

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