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Feedback-based major update is about to arrive at MPN

Publish: 2018-10-09 16:17:01

The network's biggest overhaul, Prima went live in July, and the first update is on the corner with some exciting upgrades for all sites.

MPN's (formerly known as Microgaming) new client, Prima brought players a brand new, state of the art software a few months ago, but the network is not sitting on their laurels and is ready to make the first upgrade - based on player feedback.

“Because we had the built-in feedback system,” started Alex Scott, Managing Director of Poker at Microgaming, in an interview on Monday, “the idea with Prima was always to launch something fairly basic and then respond as quickly as possible from the feedback we get from players. We’ve had a lot of it!”

Receiving tens of thousands of feedback helped the development team tremendously in their goal to upgrade the software. MPN says to address 44% of all customer feedback.

The first member of the network to apply the changes today is RedKings Poker, and the rest of the poker rooms will follow shortly.

“It’s quite a big leap,” said Scott. “We’re hoping that what it does is show that we’re doing what we said we would do. All the people who have criticized us for not having feature X or feature Y—whatever their most favorite feature is—this is a way of showing them that we are listening to them; we’re doing what we believe are the most important things to players out there. We’re letting players drive the development of our client.”

Apparently, the most frequent complaint was the tables looking "too busy". With the new "Stealth Mode", MPN promises to solve this problem and as it can be seen in the picture above, the new look is rather posh.

Source: Pokerindustrypro

Other appearance-related fixes will include bigger dealer button, highlighted blinds, and improving legibility of text. The new update will also solve the issue with table-sizing. Previously players were able to - accidentally - set a table too tiny, which made it impossible to see the cards and also complicated to re-size it. Now this will also change, as there will be a minimum size, which would prevent players to "go too small".

Tournament players' prays have also been listened to as the late registration will improve, with faster seating and improved table rebalancing algorithm.

Scott also disclosed some of the feedback, which brought unexpected results: “(...) certain operators, particularly those in regions like Latin America, we thought they will really care about chat and be disappointed when it’s gone. But almost nobody has mentioned it. That was really surprising.”

“One of the key takeaways from this project is that feedback has been so valuable that other parts of the business are starting to implement similar features,” he added.

Prima v38 is going live tomorrow on RedKings as a beta test and is expected to live on the whole network during next week.

There are several of our partner rooms who will be affected by the changes, as we offer plenty of MPN-member sites, with the most popular being RedKings where our players are entitled to 30% flat rakeback from the get to and to the €2,000 exclusive chase.

However, RedKings is not the only one, our players at RedStar and Betsson will experience the changes next week.

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