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Four fun nautical-themed Slots

Publish: 2019-10-13 18:29:36

There are many slot themes for people to enjoy in online casinos like this one: Whether you’re a history buff, a mythical fanatic or fruity for fruits, there are plenty of Slots to suit your needs. The theme we’re going to look at today revolves around water. Perfect for those who love to be in the sea or roll around in the snow. Let’s take a look at what incredible water-themed slots are an option today.



Ocean Belles

This online slot game is perfect for anyone who loves to ride the waves in style. The game sits you on a luxury cruise ship with the ocean reaching far out into the distance beyond the reels. The symbols complement the theme with globes, ship wheels, binoculars, captain hats as well as some pin-up belles named Vicky and Betty.

Five reels create 75 paylines and there’s even a progressive jackpot up for grabs. There are other bonus features and games which allow you to earn free spins, but you’ll have to land on multiple bonus scatters to win them.

Noah’s Ark

The story of Noah’s Ark originates from the Bible, but there have been many interpretations of it over the years, including the 2007 film Evan Almighty. The premise of the story is that a giant ark (a type of boat) carries every species of animal and Noah’s family to safety after a flood is sent from the heavens.

The background depicts the side of the ark surrounded by deep blue waters with each animal symbol leaning out of a porthole and smiling at you. Other symbols include seagulls and the Noah’s Ark logo for the game’s wild symbol. The five reels and 30 paylines are accommodated by up-beat music, making for a joyous experience.

Fishin’ Frenzy

It’s time to jump into the water and fish out some cash. If you love fishing during the weekends, this is a great slot to play whilst letting the hours pass by. With the ocean water in the background, you’ll find this slot not only familiar territory, but it will keep your mind focused on catching some big wins.

The visual of this slot includes symbols of fishing lines, boats, buoys, and of course, fish. It has five reels with 10 pay lines, and the potential for players to win up to 20 free spins. If you land on three or more of the boat scatter symbols, you’ll trigger the free game feature, where there is a chance to win up to 50 times your total stake.


Heading down to the very depths of the ocean floor is the online slot game, Tridentia. Based on the Greek myth of Poseidon and his trident, which is said to have the power to control the sea; making it roar and calm as well as creating earthquakes and tsunamis. The visuals keep within this Greek underwater theme, with columns framing the screen and mythical creatures as the symbols.

The RTP for this slot is 93.2% and with 20 paylines, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to make some big cash, especially with the game’s jackpot up for grabs too. If you land on the trident symbol you can win a 50 times multiplier, but it’s the symbols of Poseidon that you want, as they expand over the entire wheel creating multiple winning combinations.

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