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GGPoker Breaks A Record: $100 Million Bounty Hunter Series

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Publish: 2024-01-22 14:38:28

GGPoker Breaks Their Record with Their $100 Million Bounty Hunter Series

When you think GGPoker can’t break any more records, the brand does it again! This time, astounding players globally by offering their flagship Bounty Hunter Series (BHS) with double the usual prizes. The sixth instalment of this series promises to be its biggest yet, so join us as we look at what it offers.

Bounty Hunter Series 2024

GGPoker’s BHS started on January 12th, but will continue until February 6th. There are 1,105 events listed, about 300 to 400 more than the usual 700 to 800 events. Still, the number of events isn’t what makes this iteration so exciting.

The Prizes

This year, GGPoker doubled the prizes in most of the events. In other years, the series offered a $50 million overall guarantee, which doubled to $100 million this year. The Mystery MILLION$ Main Event boasts a $10 million guarantee but keeps its buy-in of $210. That means the brand needs an incredible figure of 50,000 participants to surpass the prize pool’s guarantee.

The Main Event has a $1 million jackpot bounty, and the daily leaderboard has an increased prize of $25k. Other highlights to look out for are the $1 million guaranteed Mystery Bounty Millions with a $5.25 buy-in and the $25 buy-in Mystery MILLION$ Mini Main with a $2.5 million guarantee. Overall, the buy-in remains between $5.25 and $1050.

Breaking Records

The brand aims to offer poker at its most exhilarating and upped the stakes while keeping the buy-in range the same. We checked the actual guarantees and found that the brand has a 17% shortfall, with the prizes only totalling between $83 million and $84 million. In previous times, GGPoker explained that the difference between the advertised GTD and the actual GTD is due to factoring in anticipated prize payouts.

Whether $100 million or $83.5 million, it’s still the most significant guarantee for any bounty tournament. Other bounty tournaments generally stick to around $20 million to $30 million GTDs. The one time when WPN tried to offer a $50 million bounty hunter tournament, it got cancelled before it started due to overlays.

Previous Years

Comparing this year’s series with its other iterations, we see it’s not just the overall prizes where it comes out top. It’s also the series with the most events and has the highest average GTD of $75,552. While it also has the highest average buy-in, its $133 average buy-in doesn’t differ much from the $127, $129, and $130 averages of previous years.

GGPoker Is On A Roll

GGPoker is on fire as it becomes more prominent than any other poker room. This brand is always looking towards the next big tournament, and players, if they haven’t already, are taking notice. It’s the operator with the most eight-figure series in its history, ensuring it’s a name you won’t forget.

New players can benefit from signing up with GGPoker by claiming its excellent welcome bonus and participating in central promotions like the Fish Buffet Cashback up to 50%. However, that’s not all. If you link your GGPoker account with your account, you can also participate in the monthly exclusive $8,000 rake race!

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