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GGPoker Combats Late Registration Abuse with New Software

Publish: 2023-10-16 13:19:38

GGPoker Combats Late Registration Abuse with New Software Update

GGPoker is one of the biggest poker rooms in the world and is constantly evaluating its offering to ensure it’s of excellent quality. However, in the last few years, the brand has become aware of late registration abuse at offline and online multi-table tournaments (MTT). As their previous warnings were only partially effective, the poker giant decided to go another route with their future software update, which is scheduled to be released later this month.

Abuse of Late Registrations

The abuse of late registrations is when players take advantage of the late registration system. When registering late, the current system will place late players into any available seat among the existing tables. They did this to avoid disruption to the game, but instead, some MTT regulars are taking advantage of the system.

As it places you at any available table, a group of players would register late. They’ll usually be placed at the same table as they registered around the same time. The players who exploit the system will then play a strategic game where they tank (slow-play). This method means it’s unlikely they will become eliminated, and they’ll reach the game’s money bubble.

While the brand deems this unethical and unfair to other players, they’re technically not breaking any rules. As such, the brand issued warnings, but the players can’t be banned.

GGPoker’s Solution

In response to the MTT regulars’ abuse, GGPoker has decided to implement a new late registration system. This algorithm implements a random seating system for late-registering players. The seating will pertain to both full and open tables.

This will likely result in more table movements for all players. However, it’ll also curb most of the exploitation, as it’s unlikely for a group of late registrants to get assigned to the same table. It’s a step towards protecting casual players who usually fall victim to the slow-play style.

Other Poker Rooms’ Solutions

GGPoker isn’t the only brand to experience this abuse of MTT’s late registering process from international players. PokerStars have reported the same issues, as have 888poker and partypoker, among others. Each has its way of dealing with it like PokerStars shortening the period you must register late and the number of payout spots.

When implementing this change, it created a controversy among players. This method offered fewer tournament choices and payouts. Players had feedback on where they would prefer the previous late registration period and payouts. However, they asked for entirely random seating placements to combat the abuse. Now, GGPoker has stated they will do exactly that.

Stay Safe While You Play

Poker players always seek a way to circumvent and beat the system. While most players use effective poker strategies, some are more like abuse. These methods promote unethical and unfair actions and the MTT abuse is just that. As such, we can understand why it becomes such a significant problem, especially for recreational players.

Luckily, GGPoker stated they will implement this random seating system in their next software update. It’ll likely happen later this month or the next. We’re looking forward to how it’ll balance and prevent the abuse. We know players will once again be able to enjoy a safe and excellent player experience at the poker table.

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