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GGPoker SPINS: all you wanted to know

Publish: 2020-02-25 17:21:53

The network announced the rake structure, multipliers, odds and blind-levels of their newest format. offer at GGPoker includes:

+ 200% Welcome Bonus up to $600 (equals 10% extra rakeback)
+ up to 50% rakeback in the Fish Buffet system
+ Exclusive Chase with 30-35% extra rakeback

As we reported yesterday, some important details have been released recently regarding the Spin&Gold games in the GGNetwork, which will kick off on the 28th of February.

We've already disclosed some information on the buy-in methods and special features, but we can now add the most important things: rake, blind-structure, starting stack, multiplier frequency, etc.

The lobby of the game will be similar to competitors' lobby, players can choose the buy-in level and the number of games they would like to play simultaneously.

There is a unique feature, the so-called Spin Insurance which allows players to get their buy-ins back if they hit the smallest (2x) multiplier.

We haven't received any additional information regarding this feature, but it's safe to assume, it will have some fee on it, which will make it slightly minus EV for the players.


GGPoker will offer 8 different multipliers from 2x up to 12,000x with the following frequencies. The probabilities are very similar to the medium buy-in levels on partypoker and PokerStars.

Multiplier GGNetwork Unibet partypoker ($10 and $20) PokerStars ($25 and $50) iPoker
12000x 0.0001% - 0.0001% 0.0001% -
1000x - 0.001% - - 0.002%
240x 0.003% - 0.003% 0.003% -
120x 0.0075% - 0.0075% 0.0075% -
100x - 0.005% - - 0.05%
25x 1% 0.10% 1% 1% -
10x 0.05% 4.60% 0.05% 0.05%

5x 8.5% 14% 8.5% 8.5% 9.50%
3x 44.40% 25% 47.40% 47.40% 22%
2x 46.40% - 43.50% 43.50% 64.40%
1.5x - 56.30% - - -


Even though the multipliers are similar, the blind-structures are very different compared to other operators.

Depending on the prize pools, the starting stacks will vary between 10 and 25 big-blinds, with 1-minute blinds for the low-multiplier games, while 2, 3 or 5-minute blinds on the medium and higher ones.

In case of a 25x or higher multiplier, two of the participants will walk away with a prize, while the 12,000x prize pool will be shared between all three players - most likely with 10,000x for the winner and 1,000x for the other two.

The exact details on the rake/fee are yet to be released, but our sources suggest a 7% fee.

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