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GGPoker to introduce 6+ Holdem

Publish: 2019-10-21 16:00:23

According to its public roadmap, GGPoker will launch the Short Deck games on November 4.

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GGNetwork is getting closer to yet another big announcement, the launch of poker's newest format, Short Deck Hold'em. According to the the public roadmap, the tables will kick off on the 4th of November, with the following details:

  • CNY tables (100 CYN worths about $7);
  • Button ante;
  • 5-max tables;
  • 3% rake;
  • Flush Jackpot;
  • All-in insurance;
  • Run It Twice;
  • Straddles and No-look All-ins available;
  • $1 rake worths 100 points in the Fish Buffet System

Based on the default currency of the tables, it's easy to assume that GGPoker focuses on the Asian market with these tables, which is no surprise to see, considering, the game itself originates in Asia and enjoys widespread popularity amongst Asian gamblers.

The rake will be much lower in these games, compared to the NLH and PLO tables, and even compared to rake for the 6+ games at other sites.

The 5-handed tables and the low rake will certainly make the games looser than anywhere else, which means plenty of action, big swings and probably many recreationals in the field.

Short Desk Giveaway ¥ 1,000,000 (about $140,000)

To celebrate the launch of the new tables, GGPoker will run a Short Deck giveaway with a total prize pool of about $140K. Additional details of the promotion are yet to be released.

Flush Jackpot

The flush jackpots will also give the regulars an edge, as the "fun players" will probably chase their draws even when the price isn't right.

As we reported earlier, it will reduce the maximum number of cash game tables a player can play simultaneously to four. Even though this change was meant to go live in October, the official date now is November 4.

Downloadable hand histories

Not much is known about this upgrade, but it's believed that the network will also make hand histories available for their players. Whether these HHs will be compatible with the most popular tracking tools - like the recently introduced HM3 - is yet to be seen.

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