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HexaPro Jackpot Mania at Unibet Poker

Publish: 2019-01-09 16:17:01

After recently introducing their newest format, the site now follows up with the first official HexaPro promotion.

Unibet Poker has recently introduced their newest jackpot SNG games, HexaPro, which promises players the lowest variance in the format, with the highest chance of hitting the 10x multiplier.

They now celebrate the launch of the HexaPro tables with a HexaPro Jackpot Mania, where they give away €263,000 to the players in form of 30 jackpots.

One Jackpot will drop in every 10,000 games adding some extra excitement to the SNGs. Once a Jackpot's been won, the countdown will reset, with another jackpot on the way before it reaches zero again.

The Jackpots can hit on any stakes, so even the lowest stakes players will have a chance to play for €100,000 and walk away with €80,000!

Even if you're not into the jackpot SNG games, Unibet Poker can be a great choice, as they welcome new players with a €200 first deposit bonus, and cash backs up to 30% are available at the site!

Our players can also participate in our exclusive €3,000 cash race, with a top prize of €1,000 each month! You can start out right here!

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