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Important Notice for Players

Publish: 2018-05-22 10:27:49

If you play at one of our partner rooms, read this! is a leading provider of exclusive rake races, we aim to organize the best value promotions for our customers.

If you wish to participate in any of our rake races all you have to do is have the poker account set up via our links and send us your poker room details.

As many of our players reach out to us with issues regarding the prizes of our promotions, we would like to stress out once more an IMPORTANT RULE of our system:

In order to be eligible for our promotions, you need to add your poker room ID, screen name and e-mail address to our site by clicking on "Enter your PartyPoker ID" on the top of the Poker Room Pages.

To find this button, simply click on "Rooms" on the top of our page, then choose the poker room(s) you play at and click the aforementioned button.

After this, we need a few days to verify your registration, which we will inform you about via email.

Those, who fail to send us their data, might face difficulties playing in our races, but for those, who have successfully done this, there won't be any problems while participating in our exclusive promotions.

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