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KKPoker - the world of poker apps has arrived!

Publish: 2020-06-19 12:22:45

As the mobile poker apps are booming, and the interest has been drastically increasing, we decided to offer you the best app with the best deal!

The world of app games has been silently becoming massive, with plenty of high-stakes players switching completely to these apps.

In 2020 it's not a shocking thing to see that recreational players prefer mobile apps to regular poker rooms. In the case of the former, they can comfortably play from anywhere and don't have to stick in front of a computer for long hours.

Naturally, sharks go where there is plenty of fish, so the poker apps suddenly became the number one destination for pros as well!

However, the games here are still considered to be the softest, as the options of multi-tabling are limited here, and the HUDs and other poker tools are entirely useless, which prevents many pros from jumping in, but doesn't bother fishes at all!


KKPoker is one of the most popular poker apps with a rapidly growing player base! It is one of the very few apps, which has an official license!

This makes sure you can play in a safe and fair environment, which is crucial because there are horrible stories about collusion and cheating at other apps!

At KKPoker you can handle your deposits and transactions directly through their cashier, which is also a rare thing in the poker app world because usually, the transactions go through shady, unknown agents at other apps, which can be risky!

KKPoker for players

Make sure to maximize your EV at the app, by taking advanteage of the exclusive benefits, coming with the membership of our club!

Club name: PokerAkademia
Club ID: 40048

Once you clicked on the Registration button you'll arrive at this page. You simply need to create an account and then you can download the app directly to your phone or tablet! It is also available on iOS and Android devices!

Exclusive benefits for our club members

If you sign up to KKPoker via our site, you'll automatically receive a flat 30% rakeback, which arrives directly at your balance each day! This will provide you with a consistant bankroll boost, which always comes handy even though the fish-heavy games should also offer insane value by themselves!

IMPORTANT! After signing up and joining our club, it takes a few days for the rakeback to arrive, but all of our club members will receive the 30% rakeback retroactively! From the first time it arrives, it will go automatic and arrive each day!

There are regular tournaments with hefty guarantees running, and the site also offers other forms of promotions daily!

You can build a substantial bankroll from scratch, thanks to the freerolls, and even use a built-in mini-HUD, which can be accessed by special VIP cards!

KKPoker uniquely combines the safe environment of the regular poker sites with the juicy games of the poker apps!

As usual, our players can also enjoy a fat rakeback of 30% in addition to all of these benefits!

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