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Live Blackjack or online Blackjack? What’s the best game for you?

Publish: 2020-01-22 11:31:30

Online casinos are sky rocketing in popularity and are only getting bigger and bigger as the days go by.

Being able to play casino favourites like Blackjack, Poker and Roulette at just the touch of a button are one of the main attractions to online casinos, while the modern adaptations of the classic games make them all the more exciting, especially for fans of Slots, who can spin the reels in the backdrop of, for example, their favourite movie set or be sent back in time to ancient Rome.

Bingo has also been rejuvenated by online casinos and millennials are flocking to play the age-old pastime, which has also been given modern twists and alternative themes, including a range of Deal or No Deal Bingo games.

By playing casino Blackjack, you will also be spoilt for choice, from games that offer you cashback and ones that let you switch your cards in your favour to live rooms bustling full of other punters, there will be a game for everyone, but what’s the one for you?

If you’ve played live Blackjack at a casino in Las Vegas or in your local Grosvenor or Genting casino and you’re seeking that thrill, then live lobbies at online casinos come pretty close. You’ll be able to interact with a live dealer and the dealing of cards is as real as it gets online. If the tables are full, not to worry as you won’t miss out. You’ll be able to play behind, by playing this method you are betting on the outcome of the hand, so even though you don’t get a say in the outcome, you can still profit if the person in the chair plays their cards right.

However, when it comes to online lobbies it is easy to get distracted. There is so much going on, from seven different standard hands and multiple side bets to the dealer chatting and possibly having your own conversion with another player it’s easy to lose your concentration. Playing regular online Blackjack games helps you avoid these outcomes as it’s just you against the computer.

If you love Blackjack, but you’re after something a little different then the online variants are definitely more suited to you than the live lobbies. The live rooms tend to offer you just the traditional version of Blackjack, while online casinos nowadays offer a wide range of alternatives.

Two of the more popular online 21 games are Cashback Blackjack and Blackjack Switch. In Cashback Blackjack you’ll have the chance to cash out on a hand before it comes to a natural end – receiving a cash payout, similar to Deal or No Deal in some respects. While in Blackjack Switch you’ll play two hands at once and swap the cards around to enhance your chances of winning.

If you aren’t the most experienced of players then it’s probably best to try out the online games before you delve into the live rooms as you don’t want to hold up the dealer and the other players whilst you’re trying to work out what to do. This leads us onto our last point: speed.

If you’re playing while on the train to work and you’re only a few stops away from your destination or you’re having a flutter while in the doctor’s waiting room, you’re probably best sticking to the online games as these tend to be a lot faster than the live rooms. Dealers often control the pace of live games and a chance in the dealer can take its toll. In online games you’re in control and you play the game at your pace – hands can take a matter of seconds.


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