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Microgaming rolls out final software update

Publish: 2019-10-29 17:32:05

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Even though the Microgaming Network will shut down its poker offerings in about 6 months, they came out with the final update for their new client, called 'Prima'.

The different skins of the network including RedStar, Betsson, and Guts Poker will get the updates between today and November 7.

The update introduces several exciting features, including a new tournament lobby.

The new lobby screen provides “exhaustive information” about the event as well as the progress for the players, said Alex Scott MD of Poker at Microgaming.

The screen includes various panels. In the top left corner, the chip stack bar shows how a player's stack changes during the tournament, making it easier to see how they're doing.

The clock shows the total running time for the tournament and the time until the next break. The registration panel shows the remaining time for the late registration as well as the total number of entries and re-entries.

The "return on investment" panel shows a player's total buy-ins for the tournament including re-buys and add-ons, the profit/loss and the ROI.

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