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Million Dollar Sunday returns to PokerKing

Publish: 2018-09-28 17:02:52

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the previous events, the site decided to offer another chance for players to hit a six-hundred score.

As we reported earlier, on September 9th and 16th a $2,650 tournament with a $1,000,000 prize pool took place, which players were crazy about.

As both events crossed the $1M prize pool (meaning no overlay for PokerKing), they decided to run another edition of the high-stakes tournaments.

The three events rewarded 9 players with a six-figure score, with the three winners taking home about $200,000 each. The winner of the first event, 'omaha4rollz' scooped $205,333, while second champion 'TinkleTinkle' added $210,131 to his bankroll, and another $193,500 went to 'ILOVEDANKMEMES' way in the last event.

This Sunday PokerKing offers another shot at the life-changing score, as the upcoming event will kick off on the 30th!

If you haven't tried PokerKing yet, you'll also be entitled to a 100% first deposit bonus, up to $777 and cash backs up to 40%. In addition to these bankroll-boosters, our players can also participate in our $10,000 exclusive race at the site!

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