total race prizepool in June

New approach in the PokerKing race - you decide the prize pool!

Publish: 2017-01-25 15:58:59

It is up to the players, how much will be paid out in our exclusive cash race!

As a member of the Winning Poker Network (WPN), PokerKing already offers a soft player pool, but we have decided we pass the incentive to the players: As the collective generated rake of players increase, so will the prize pool!

This means that the $2,000 cash race could award up to $4,000!

Introducing the Target Cash Race! - the more the rake, the higher the prize pool

Our succesful cash race will start with a $2,000 prize pool. However, if the collective monthly rake will reach $18,000, the prize pool will instantly grow to $3,000! And if you reach $26,000 by the end of February, the original prize pool will double, which means we will be handing out $4,000!

It means it is one for all, all for all! Invite your friends to help to reach the goals!

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