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New HUD-ban comes into effect on partypoker

Publish: 2019-06-17 16:24:57

The site encourages players with a $500K give-away to change their aliases.

As expected, the changes at partypoker regarding the HUD-ban, alias change, note-erase amongst other things came into effect today.

When logging in to the client, all players are forced to change their aliases in a pop-up window. Even though, changing the names which can be seen at the tables, the usernames for the log-in remain the same.

After changing the monikers, players can opt-in to the '$500K Race to Aliases' promotion, which will reward them in the form of a 'Click Card'. The cards can then be revealed for tournament tickets, SPINS tickets, and cash bonuses.

Other than this, players can also gain cards by earning as little as 0.1 loyalty points every hour or simply logging in.

Based on the feedback from members, the promotion certainly offers great value, as many players have already received cash bonuses between $50 - $100 in addition to the most frequent rewards, the tournament tickets.

The user experience with the HUD is different, some players say they are still able to use their third-party tools, but most of them already experienced the effects of the ban on their softwares. This is probably just a matter of partypoker client update, but most likely everyone will lose this privilege in the upcoming hours.

As many pros have left the site, the player fields are said to be softer, with a greater fish/regular ratio, so it might be a good idea to hit the grind!

In addition, those who register through can also participate in our exclusive €3,000 race, which will reward the participants with an average of 18% extra rakeback! The top three finishers can earn 24.48 %, 19.31 % and 40.21% extra!

As the €325 can be won for as little as $900 of rake, it's still no late to jump into the action!

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