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No Rathole Tables at PokerKing

Publish: 2018-01-15 16:41:13

Are you mad at players who leave the table as soon as they win a big pot? You might want to take at this.

Ratholing in poker means when a player immediately leaves a table after winning big and then returning quickly after to the table with a smaller stack. Because no one wants to lose the chance to win back their money from others this act is heavily reprehensive and is against poker-etiquette. PokerKing now prevents players to do this by introducing their 7-day No Rathole tables.

The minimum buy-ins for these tables are relatively small between 10-25 big blinds. However, the stacks can grow pretty rapidly and this new rule makes sure that no one will take your money after they hit their lucky card against you.

Those who leave a No-Rathole table can only jump into those games with the exact amount they left with. This rule applies for seven days, meaning that after a week all players are "clean" and can re-join the action with the amount they chose.

Thanks to this innovation, players at PokerKing will no longer sustain a hit and run and will have the chance to beat their peers even if they got lucky once or twice.

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