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Online Poker for American Players - Best Sites to Play

Publish: 2019-08-16 10:33:28

Even though the infamous Black Friday made it hard to play online poker from the United States, there are still several options to hit the virtual felt.

Online poker has been a worldwide phenomenon for more than 15 years now, with millions of dollars changing hands at the virtual tables. The game has created a billion-dollar industry, with countless rags-to-riches stories along the way.

The most exciting thing about playing online poker is that you don't need a sizeable bankroll to start. Several US online poker sites offer micro-stakes cash games and tournaments, where you can enter the games for just a few dollars.

When choosing your online card room, it's important to take a careful look and only go with sites, which offer a safe and fair environment. Poker rooms with official gaming licenses issued by the Gaming Commission are where you should be heading.

It's also key to find a site, which offers a great welcome package, including first deposit bonuses, which can gain you up to $1,000-$2,500 in some cases, making sure, you maximize your winnings on and off the tables.

The best online poker rooms

  1. BetOnline

+ fast cashouts
+ welcome bonus up to $2,500
+ $10,000 in freerolls each month
+ available on mobile devices

  1. Bet365

+ VIP program
+ weak opponents
+ great player traffic
+ casino, poker, sports, and race betting

  1. William Hill

+ long-time operator
+ Generous Welcome Package
+ Twister games

  1. 4. Bovada


+ US-facing room

+ soft games
+ Excellent tournament offerings


Four Tips to Play Online Poker And Win

If you are a new online poker player it’s crucial you keep in mind certain things to make the most of your gameplay experience. The following list highlights some tips to follow while playing poker online.

  • Play Within Your Bankroll: To win at online poker, you must play within your bankroll. Making money can be done if you are wise with the amount you wager. As a rule of thumb, a player should have less than 5% of the bankroll in play on one table at a time. If you want to cut that even further, 1 to 2% will work as well. Once you begin winning, the percentage should stay the same, but the amount you can wager will increase. This way, you can build upon what you already have.


  • Start Small: For new players, it is recommended they start the game with low stakes. With lower bets, a novice can begin playing online with a smaller bankroll. Operating with a smaller stake will help to alleviate undue stress when it comes to losing as the loss will be lower than compared to higher stakes gaming.


  • Be Serious: To truly succeed, you need to focus. Limit distractions so that you can focus on what moves you need to make on every hand. When you become distracted, you will make mistakes which can be costly. Don’t watch TV while playing or be online at another site as you might miss out on a winning move that could earn you a big hand.


  • Start with Single Tables: While multi-tabling might be enticing, beginners will do better by playing one table at a time. You want to gain a clear understanding of the technical aspect and learn how to win online consistently with one table. Then as you progress, you can start to add in more tables at one time.


The Future of US Online Poker

As more and more states legalize online poker in the US, and many of them join the shared player liquidity, the number of options increase which is always great for the players because the sites are forced to compete for them.

Winning players usually stick to a certain game type, which they enjoy the most and they focus on only that format, so they can efficiently improve.

Whether you're into cash games, tournaments or sit and gos, you have plenty to choose from. The games are running around the clock, providing the players with consistent action regardless of the format.

Online poker in the United States is not where it was before 2011, but it's certainly on the right track and hopefully, it will become as free for everyone as it was during the golden days of poker.

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