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Our exclusive promotions in June - hit the summer grind

Publish: 2018-06-01 13:02:31

We offer a new race at our newest partner room, while the most popular ones remained untouched.

$2,500 Exclusive Race at Ultima Poker

The race with the best value in May was certainly the $2,500 rake race at Ultima Poker, where all of the participating players, who managed to reach the minimum of $10 in rake earned 100% return on their money. Perhaps a better promotion exists, but we never heard about it.

We offer this great promotion in June as well, so if you haven't taken advantage of our crazy level of altruism, you can do it right now!

€3,000 Exclusive Race at Unibet Poker

Some unfortunate news for the Unibet fans: our exclusive race at the site will run with a lowered (but still decent) €3,000 prize pool. We reward a total of 24 players, with the €925 for the winner.

If you want to make sure to catch a nice prize, don't waste your time, click here!

$4,500 Exclusive Race at Partypoker

The biggest poker room of our partners is Partypoker and as many of you prefer to play here, our extra value (in addition to the 40% rakeback at the site) is still on the menu. We've recently increased the prize pool up to $4,500 and the popularity of this promotion made us believe that this was a good decision, so it runs in June with the same conditions: 45 players to be rewarded, $940 for the best!

Start Partying here!

$12,000 Race

In May, our promotion with the biggest prize pool added 23% extra value to your EV and you can expect the same in June.
Claim your $1,700 here!

$3,000 Exclusive Race at GGPoker

has only joined our forces a few weeks ago, but we already came up with another reason for you to give it a try. In addition to the rakeback up to 50% by the site, you can also gain some extra income thanks to our $3,000 race at the site, with $750 of that amount going to the winner's pocket.

This way, gents!

€2,000 Exclusive chase at Betclic and Everest

No, the €2,000 is not the total prize pool in these promotions. It's the first prize, which all players can reach if they grind hard enough, no matter if someone else generated even more rake, you can only beat yourself for a fat reward!

Click here if you prefer Everest Poker and here if you'd go with Betclic.

€5,000 Exclusive Chase at Betsson, Nordicbet, and Betsafe

The same rules apply for this chase too, the only difference is €3,000 since here the most dedicated players can win €5,000! Waste no time and get 30% rakeback from these sites in addition to your cool €5K prize.

Simply pick your favorite site of the three and hit the grind button.

Betsson Poker

$2,500 Exclusive Chase at RedStar

200% first deposit bonus up to $2,000, 30% flat cashback and a $2,500 prize can get to you a lot of places. Grind in June, go on a well deserved holiday in July!

Click here!

$5,720 Weekly Race at TigerGaming

What if we told you, you can earn $8,000 a month simply by grinding hard? Well, that's actually what we say, as the race at TigerGaming offers $2,000 for the winner each week!

Fight the Tiger right here!
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