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Partypoker brings antes to cash games

Publish: 2019-10-04 13:45:58

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Long-time poker operator, partypoker has been making significant changes this year, intending to make the online games as clean as a live environment would be.

Some of their biggest moves included banning all third-party tools (like Hold'em Manager or Poker Tracker), making hand histories unavailable for all players and forcing users the change their aliases.

While these changes went down relatively smoothly, they now seem to relax on some rules. Partypoker announced they will bring back anonymous tables in heads-up and high-stakes games, despite only offering real-name tables.

According to partypoker strong man, Rob Yong, some high-stakes players were against the decision which forced them to use real-names while playing online. As Yong explained in a video he posted on Twitter, he thought "... people would be crazy to wanna play anonymously at high stakes or heads-up, so you wanna know who your opponent is, risking so much money... But I guess there are a few people who don't want this so we'll add the anonymous option over a few days."

Partypoker currently offers both anonymous and real-name tables across all stakes.

Yong also announced that partypoker will bring back hand histories, so players can analyze their games and track their results. However, with the HHs being entirely anonymous (with all opponents names Player1, Player2, etc.) we won't have the opportunity to track and study others' playing styles and tendencies, which was the number one goal when the site banned HUDs and forced users to change screen names.

The third upgrade will also affect cash games, where the site will introduce antes to cash games. This change was set to come into effect on October 3. However, the ante games haven't gone live yet and are believed to be rolled out later this week.

Whether the site plans to change all tables to ante-games is yet to be seen, but most likely it's going to be similar to other operators where both tables are available.

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