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Partypoker giving away $500,000 for the cash game players

Publish: 2019-09-12 17:43:13

The site focuses on the fastforward cash games with a huge promotion with challenges and fastforward hours. offer at partypoker includes:

+ $30 SPINS tickets
+ up to 50% weekly cash backs
+ up to 10% extra rakeback

In addition to the ongoing $30,000,000 KO Series, partypoker also offers plenty of extra juice for the fastforward cash game players with a $500,000 fastforward race and two other promotions.

Daily Challenges

Logging into the client, you'll find a new challenge under the promotions tab every day. After opting in, you need to complete the challenge at playing fastforward games for instant cash prizes.

Fastforward Hours

The fastforward hours run two times a day, and players who generate as little as $0.01 of rake during these hours, you'll automatically receive a click card. These cards guarantee you a prize, which can be cash prizes or tournament tickets.

Partypoker always announces these hours on social media and in the client as well, but players also need to opt in to be eligible, so make sure not to miss out!

Fastforward Leaderboards

The leaderboards have been running for a while now, offering players cash rewards. Different stakes have different leaderboards, so even the micro-stakes players can take down a nice prize. The leaderboards are available for both NLH and PLO players.

Players playing up to NL10 can walk away with a $400 top prize, while the winner of the Low Stakes Leaderboard (NL25-NL50) can compete for the $2,000 top reward.

The mid-stakes (NL100-NL200) and the high-stakes (NL500-NL1000) leaderboards offer a $4,000 top prize.

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