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Partypoker introduces SHORTDECK Hold\\\'em

Publish: 2019-03-28 15:05:14

The site joins the list of online poker rooms which offer the new form.

Short Deck Hold'em is the newest form of poker and despite its short history, it has already gained widespread popularity amongst the players, especially amongst high-rollers.

The game is the more often played in the nosebleed stakes live cash games in Asia, than the regular format. Short deck (aka Six+ Hold'em) offers exciting action, as cards from deuces to fives are distracted from the deck, therefore, creating a big hand is easier.

Thanks to this, the equity of the starting hands run closer, which makes preflop all-ins more attractive with a high number of hands.

According to an announcement by the site, the new format is available for heads-up, six-max, eight-max, and nine-handed tables as well with an 'ante-only' version, which is a big difference compared to other online sites. As Partypoker's treatment reads, the 'ante-only' game is "the exact same game adopted by the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series, adhering to the same set of rules, blind structures, and naming convention."

High-stakes crusher, member of Team Partypoker, Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov (who took down a Short Deck High Roller Event in Jeju) said: “SHORTDECK is the most action-packed poker game out there! Enough of boring waiting and folding, here you can play half the cards dealt in a cash game and still do just fine.

“I’m a big fan of the format (my ante is posted even while writing this), and can’t wait to play my first hand on partypoker. See you at the tables!”

The game is accessible in a "blind lobby" where players can select the stakes and the number of seats at the table and they start with 100 antes.

However, joining the games from the traditional lobby allows players to start with up to 300 antes.

The game is not available for tournaments yet, but it is believed that Short Deck MTTs and S&Gs will soon be enrolled.

Team Partypoker's Jason Koon shared Trueteller's enthusiasm, which is no surprise to see considering his tremendous success in the format: “When I first heard of Short Deck, a few of my Asian friends were buzzing about how much fun the game was. A few months later I gave it a try and instantly took a liking to it,” he said.

“I am thrilled that I finally get to play one of my favorite versions of poker on partypoker. I hope you gals and guys love it as much as I do!”
he added.

If you want to try the newest craze, you can start right here!

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