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PKR Closes Down, Recompenses May Come Soon

Publish: 2017-05-12 17:00:43

The MGN room best known for their 3D animation shut down on May 3rd without any preliminary notice, they revealed later that the shutdown is due to financial problems. For all the players who have money on PKR, you'll find new important information below.

On May 3rd PKR suspended their service and put up a message on their website about "upgrades and routine maintenance". It was already a suspicious turn of events as these temporary hiatuses are usually announced beforehand. Many in the online poker community started speculating about financial issues even then, as it reminded many of the time Full Tilt Poker was going bankrupt.

Their fears turned out to be justified as days later their network, Microgaming tweeted "we can confirm that PKR have experienced recent financial difficulties and are taking professional advice".

The latest update concerns especially the ones who have money on their PKR account. According to the message on the PKR website, two joint administrators were appointed by the UK High Court to be in charge of the poker room's payouts. Contact them via email to if you have funds you haven't withdrawn yet on the poker room.

The UK law is unclear whether or not PKR can use player funds to pay off their creditors. So, once again, if you have money on PKR, email as soon as possible.

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