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Publish: 2018-11-08 15:58:23

We are about to implement our new loyalty system, which rewards our players with real-value cryptocurrency!

One of the newest and most exciting crypto-project is here and was one of the first sites to team up with the MIKRON-team. You can find all of the technical details on their website and can ask the developer team anything on their Discord Channel.

MIKRON is for those, who would like to build and maintain a strong, professional community. The currency provides us with simple but efficient solutions for three problems: the difficulty of community-building, the challenges of loyalty systems and complexity of rewarding content-creators.

We are proud to be amongst the first few partners, to implement MIKRON to their sites, as we'll be the first-ever poker site, to reward our loyal players with crypto (in addition to the cash prizes) for playing through our site.

The MIKRON team has been building communities for 10 years now, and they created their cryptocurrency using the huge amount of experience they gained throughout these years.

The developer team is working around the clock to finalize their system, the whitepaper is already done and their ICO is getting closer! Just like any other cryptocurrency, MIKRON was also in a need of a website, where they can get into the details on a deeper level, the website is already available here!

Why is MIKRON special?

Its developer-, marketing-, and sales-team don't rely on huge price-increase, that's not how they want to achieve success. They don't want to become rich quickly, they love their technology, they love the industry and they're brave enough to create their own, unique blockchain project.

Why was MIKRON created?

They offer a loyalty system, a community-building tool, and a reward-system at the same time for the partners and users. After doing a tremendous amount of market research, they identified fields, where blockchain can provide real value.

What can you find on

  • MIKRON Whitepaper
  • MIKRON Roadmap
  • Your own MIKRON Wallet
  • Details about the upcoming ICO
  • Details about the first partners
  • 4 secrets about MIKRON!

If you have any additional questions, you can ask the developers directly on their Discord channel!

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