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PokerStars increases spin and go rake

Publish: 2019-12-06 18:29:04

The operator also changes the blind-structure and the core buy-ins.

One of the most popular game types today is the jackpot sit-and-go format, which is called Spin&Go at PokerStars. Many of the players like to fast pace of the game and the potentially huge payday also adds an exciting aspect to the games.

Since the games are filled with weaker players the professionals also frequent these three-handed tables. However, the latest changes the operator made may make them leave the site.

There are three key changes and one of them affects the buy-ins. Instead of the $15 games, players can now join $10 tables, while the $60 buy-ins also got decreased to $50.

However, as usual, PokerStars took on the opportunity to increase the rake, which is now 7% in case of the $10 Spin&Gos while 6% in the $50 buy-in games, instead of the earlier 6% and 5%.

In addition, PokerStars introduces the 'Jackpot Spin&Go' game, which means a $1 million jackpot rotating between the different buy-in levels. Even though this seems like added value at first glance, it's important to note, that when the jackpot reaches a certain buy-in level, all of the games in that level run with a higher rake - to cover the jackpot.

The jackpot hits once every 50 million games.

The site also changed the duration of the blind levels. Games with a 2x multiplier will now run with 2-minute-levels instead of the original 3 minutes.

Games with 3-5x multipliers still run with 3-minute levels, while 10-25x games now run with 4-minute levels and 120x games with 5 minutes.

The poker community is not happy at all with these changes, as they feel that this is yet another step by which the site tries to skim their winnings.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of alternative poker rooms for the spin players!

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