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Progressive Mystery Bounty Tournament at Chico Network

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Publish: 2023-11-21 16:20:36

Progressive Mystery Bounty Tournament at Chico Poker Network

The mystery bounty format is spreading quickly. The offshore Chico Poker Network (CPN) is one of the latest brands to implement this format. The network’s new Mystery Bounty Tournaments are here. It offers progressive jackpots and mystery bounties in a sit-and-go format. Explore the ins and outs of how this tournament works and what makes it great.

Mystery Bounty in the Industry

Mystery Bounty (MB) is growing in popularity, with CPN being the third brand to introduce this format to their repertoire in October. Currently 10 brands also use this format that PokerMatch introduced in the beginning of 2022. GGPoker was the first to adopt this format after PokerMatch. However, brands like Winamax, 888poker, PokerBros, WSOP US, WPN, and iPoker have implemented it since then. The giant PokerStars is expected to unveil the MB format early in 2024.

Most brands integrated MB into their existing tournaments. GGPoker’s Mystery Island tournament and iPoker’s Bounty Hunter Series are excellent examples. As such, most MB tournaments feature multi-table formats. However, Chico Poker Network has taken a different approach.

Chico Poker Network

Chico Poker Network operates almost like one of the best-kept secrets in the poker world. This network might not be as extensive as the iPoker network and they do not offer promotions, but with mostly casual players making up a weaker player pool it can compensate for players. It is also an offshore platform that accepts US players.

Of its three skins, BetOnline and SportsBetting operate while accepting US players, while TigerGaming is its international client. It’s ideal for players who want a more laidback network without the hustle and bustle that popular poker rooms experience.

CPN’s Innovative Tournament Format

CPN’s new tournament offers six-handed sit-and-go’s at single tables. While this is already a plot twist for MB tournaments, it gets better as the brand implements a progressive jackpot system. While a progressive jackpot in poker tournaments isn’t rare, it did fall out of popularity around the 2010s.

However, CPN brings it back while combining it with the MB format. As such, 25% of the buy-ins, excluding the 6% rake, go towards the tournament winner’s cash prize, while 72% go towards the MB jackpot pool. There are three buy-in levels, each with a dedicated jackpot pool: $1.50, $3, and $7.

Players are guaranteed to win a mystery percentage of the jackpot pool with each knockout. This percentage ranges from 0.06% of the jackpot pool to 40% of the jackpot. However, the probability of triggering lower percentages is higher, with a 72.16% chance to get 0.06%, while there’s only a 0.01% chance to get a 40% share.

This new format delivers everything players love, from mystery bounties and prizes to short-stacked, hyper-turbo gameplay. Further, the attractive jackpot feature makes the tournament all the more appealing to players around the world.

Experience a Different Type of Mystery Bounties

While the Chico network might not offer extra promotions like rake races and chases, it’s ideal for casual and experienced players alike. You can participate in the US using BetOnline and SportsBetting or internationally using TigerGaming. Experience the new evolution of mystery bounties and see whether you can land the top mystery jackpot prize.

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