total race prizepool in March notice about the GG Network

Publish: 2018-03-09 15:55:58

We have been receiving a number of complaints about the network from our players in the recent past. Apparently, there are some serious issues with GG Network for high-stakes players.

On the online poker forums, several discussions have started in the last few weeks, where high-stakes winning players formed allegations against the GG Network, claiming that they experienced uncanny treatment from some of the sites belonging to the network.

According to the players, several of the most winningest pros received an email after winning five figures at the poker tables. The players in question are mainly middle to high stakes cash game players. The poker rooms reached out to them via email, where they stated that they violate the terms of the site by "predatory behavior" - meaning they were looking for weaker players to get their money.

Usually, after the first e-mail warning, the players have the option to cash out their money, but if they keep on playing, the sites ban them and block the access to their account and therefore to their bankrolls as well.

Since poker is about outsmarting the opponents these charges are shocking and many players believe that this is only a pretense, in order for the sites to get rid of the winning players.

We, at, always look to satisfy all of our players, with the best possible service, providing them the safest environments to play in and the best possible deals with the highest available return on their money.

Many of our players still like these sites and asked us not to exclude them from our partner rooms. As the smaller stakes players (playing stakes of $0.50/$1.00 and under) seem to be safe and the games are entertaining and easy to beat for them, we decided to still offer the opportunity to register to these sites from our website but felt that we need to inform our members about these issues.

One of our newest partner rooms is Breakout Poker, which is also a member of GG Network, but up until this point, we haven't received any complaints about this site. To make sure players are safe here, we've reached out to the Breakout Poker staff, who confirmed us that they are not going to ban any of their winning players (nor losing) nor seize the bankrolls.

In general, we would like to recommend all of our players to only keep as much of their bankroll at the GG Network poker rooms as needed for playing and if they get a warning from the sites, cash out their balances immediately.

We would also like to ask all of you to reach out to us if any kind of problems occur with these poker rooms (or any of our partner rooms) we will be keen to do everything to help you!
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