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Software-update brings new features to partypoker

Publish: 2020-03-10 18:28:50

Rabbit hunting, showdown equity and a social gaming currency amongst other exciting upgrades. offer at partypoker includes:

Exclusive Chase 10-15% extra rakeback;
$12,000 Exclusive Race;
Up to 50% weekly cashback;
$30 SPINS tickets for new players;
All partypoker promotions (including the $100,000 Weekly races!);
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It's easy to see that partypoker is working around the clock to become the biggest online poker operator. Whether it's a massive promotion, like their $1 million rake race for cash game players, or an extensive software overhaul, they come out with new stuff each week!

The newest update includes a very interesting feature, the so-called, social gaming currency, the Diamonds.

Diamonds are an in-game virtual currency, which players can use for side activities at the tables. Players can earn Diamonds by simply playing their favorite games.

These features were already available but only on the mobile version of the client.

Rabbit hunting

One of the ways to use the Diamonds is the so-called 'rabbitin' or rabbit hunting, which allows players to take a peek at the remaining cards or even the full board even if they folded.

Rabbiting the full board costs three Diamonds, while the turn and the river cost one.

In the mobile client, the Diamonds can also be used to throw different items at the opponents. This feature will be added to the desktop client shortly.

Showdown equity

After several operators partypoker has now also added the showdown equity feature, which displays the equity player have when they go all-in.

This feature comes completely 'free' no Diamonds are needed here.

Heads-up cash game update

Listening to player feedback, partypoker made some changes in the heads-up cash games as well. Players are now forced to pay an equal number of big blinds, to make the game fairer.

Back in the days, when heads-up cash game was much more popular "stealing the button" was a huge issue at the tables.

It was an unwritten rule amongst regulars, to "pay back the big blind" against each other, but not all players were committed to this agreement.

In this legendary hand nosebleed legends, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Di "Urindanger" Dang had some misunderstanding about this at Full Tilt Poker.

In this video, the member of partypoker's Team Online, Jamie Staples will walk you through the newest upgrades.

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