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The Biggest Value for March Part II.

Publish: 2021-03-19 14:10:48

As promised on Wednesday, we break down the math behind the highest EV rakeback deals in March! offer at partypoker includes:

Up to 40% Weekly Cashback;
$15,000 Rake Race;
10-15% Rake Chase;
Hot Tables promotion;
SPINS Leaderboards;
All other central promotions;

We already discussed how insane our €4,000 Rake Race this month is at Unibet Poker, but that's not the only thing we have for you!

Another grinder-favorite is partypoker, and our deal is also extremely favorable for the players this month!

As usual, we offer an exclusive $15,000 rake race alongside a 10-15% rake chase at the site! Probably all of our players know, but we still mention again that players can participate in both promos at the same time! The prizes will hit your partypoker balance in early April!

You may say these very same promos have been running for quite some time now, so it's unlikely they offer higher value than usual! With all due respect, you are wrong! Let's take a close look at the numbers!

The rake chase is pretty straightforward, the rake requirements for the different prizes haven't been changed, so you can easily estimate what you can make here!

Rake Prize
$25,000 $2,500
$22,500 $2,250
$20,000 $2,000
$17,500 $1,750
$15,000 $1,500
$12,000 $1,200
$10 000 $1 000
$9 000 $900
$8 000 $800
$6 500 $650
$4 000 $600
$3 000 $450
$2 000 $300
$1 500 $225
$1 250 $185
$1 000 $150
$750 $110
$500 $75
$400 $60
$300 $45
$200 $30
$150 $22
$100 $15

However, the value of the rake races dynamically changes based on the activity of the participating players. Some of our most hardcore partypoker grinders stopped playing, meaning the biggest prizes are now easier to reach than ever before!

Here are some of the heftiest cash prizes and the estimated rake amounts to get them:

You can get $3,250 ($2,250 race prize + $1,000 chase prize) for $11,000 of rake in March;
You can get $2,500 ($1,850 race prize + $650 chase prize) for $7,500 of rake in March;
You can get $2,150 ($1,500 race prize + $650 chase prize) for $7,200 of rake in March;

But even if these rake numbers are unrealistically high for you, you can still benefit hugely from our exclusive deal at partypoker!

Make sure you check out what your volume can get you this month!

In addition to our 10-15% rake chase and our $15,000 rake race, you can also get up to 40% rakeback by partypoker or even go big and become a Diamond Club. Elite member, which comes with 60% rakeback and additional VIP benefits!

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