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The biggest winners and losers at GGPoker

Publish: 2019-10-18 17:59:40

The recent craziness of the hourly $25,000 high-rollers resulted in million-dollar swings for the regular participants.

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As we discussed many times before, the GGNetwork has rapidly become one of the biggest online poker operators. We also explained the reasons behind this, and we believe, one of the keys to success is the insane high-stakes action.

Back when the former article was written, GGPoker "only" offered $5K tournaments, but they recently started running re-entry tournaments with $25,000 buy-ins every hour.

These MTTs seem to draw in the highest of rollers, professionals, and businessmen alike, and naturally, create seven-figure swings. Even though not much is known about the identity of the participants and the exact results, we now try to find out who the biggest winners and losers in these games are.

Biggest losers

3. 'SasukeUchiha'

Result: -$1,626,222
Games: 904

The player with a Canadian flag next to his name is one of the biggest losers, dropping $1,799 on average per tournament. Regarding the identity of the player, we can only speculate, but rumor has it, that young high-roller regular, Ali Imsirovic is behind the moniker.

2. 'Chun Lei Zhou'

Result: -$2,641,493
Games: 451

The player with the Russian flag is even deeper in the hole than 'SasukeUchiha'. The player, however, is said to sit at the highest-stake cash game tables as well, and apparently not many dare to sit down with him. It is believed that he is a high-stakes cash game specialist, Viktor 'limitless' Malinowski.

1. 'ilsy168'

Result: approximate $10,000,000 lost
Games: unknown

The biggest loser of these high-rollers is the enigmatic player from Malaysia, 'ilsy168'. The exact numbers are unknown as the player recently hidden his results, but the ballpark is rather accurate.

Little is known of the mysterious player, other than his insane number of games and reentries, with a consistently dropping result.

Even though this is only speculation, ilsy is believed the be Ivan Leo (whose full name is Ivan Leo Seng Yee), a regular player at the Triton Super High Roller series.

The entire community is trying to find out who he might be, but considering that Ivan is the Director of an investment company in Singapore, he certainly has deep enough pockets to afford these losses.

Honorable mentions:

There are to newcomers in the pool, who seem to also be wealthy recreational, and can cause some serious damage in either their or other's bankrolls. The two unknown players, 'HanHon' and 'good poker' recently joined the fun and were often seen firing 5-10 bullets in a single tournament, which accounts for $125,000-$250,000 for these buy-ins.

Biggest winners

3. 'PyramidOfSkulls'

Result: $2,050,049
Games: 593

The third biggest winner in GGPoker's $25,000 Blade tournaments is none other than the player, located in Canada, 'PyramidOfSkulls', who's up more than $2 million which by itself is an incredible result, but considering he was down $1 million in the recent past, this number is even more insane.

Although he hasn't confirmed this, the poker community believes US pro, Jake Schindler plays under this screen name.

2. 'Stevie444'

Result: $2,108,309
Games: 344

Even though most people think this moniker belongs to the original owner, Stephen Chidwick, according to information circulating in the high-stakes community, 'Stevie444' has nothing to do with UK's biggest tournament winner.

Several names were mentioned when trying to guess, who the player maybe, but since none of those seemed likely, we leave it to you to find out for yourself!

1. 'ImLividBuddy'

Result: $2,429,934
Games: 623

The biggest tournament winner at GGPoker is currently 'ImLividBuddy' with over $2.4 million in net profits. Again, this is only speculation, but many believe, that the moniker belongs to Michael 'Imluckbox' Adamo, a long-time professional.

Huge swings in the games

The usual field of these tournaments varies between 30-50 entrants (including plenty of reentries) so it's natural to see huge swings. Despite the events starting every hour, the number of the games, the players have played is relatively small, so it's important to stress out, that - with some rare exceptions -, these results are probably not relevant when trying to find out who the best and worst is.

Some of the regulars have suffered and enjoyed extreme variance, just like Sami 'MiMoSa1' Kelopuro, who at one point was up $1.5 million but now stands at about $200,000.

András 'PokerBluff1' Németh (aka 'probirs') was also up about $1.4 million a month ago but is now in the red by -$500K.

Only time will tell whether the players will keep on grinding these insane tournaments regularly, but for now, we only recommend you to enjoy the show!

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