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The Top NLHE Wins of 2022 from NL10 to NL50

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Publish: 2023-01-13 15:47:53

The Top NLHE Wins of 2022 from NL10 to NL50

We’ve looked at the top players in the categories from NL10 to NL40,000, including their bets, rooms, hands, profits and bb/100. However, we didn't consider players with mixed limits, nor rooms from networks not part of Smarthand.

Best Players from NL10 to NL50

Below, we start by looking at significant players in the categories NL10 to NL50 on Smarthand's database. This database only includes the GGPoker, iPoker, PokerStars, Chico, WPN, and Winamax networks.

Top Player in NL10

The best player in the NL10 during 2022 is Zategnenc at 888Poker. He has an EV bb of 11.8, while he made 10.9 bb/100 on full-ring (FR) tables. On short-handed (SH) tables, his EV bb is 7.1, while he made 6.7 bb/100. He had spun 773,367 hands in 2022.

On SH tables he won $3,338 (estimated at $3,538) over 498,326 hands, while he won $2,943 (estimated at $3,189) over 270,226 FR hands. He had a few small heads-up (HU) games, bringing his average profits and bb/100 in 2022 to $6,384 and 8.3 bb/100 and 8.8 EV bb/100.

Best Player in NL20-25

Most of the top players in this category are NL25 due to the difference between the games' stakes. Krapiv@ at PokerStars is the best player for 2022 in this category, playing 17/12/5. He played 575,249 FR hands and made a total profit of around $19,363, with an estimated value of $18,168. His EV bb/100 is 12.6, while he has a 13.5 bb/100.

The best SH player is another PokerStars player, kozirek, who played around 471,076 hands with 23/19/8 preflop stacks. His profit was $11,592 with a 9.6 bb/100.

Leading Player in NL50

The NL50 has smaller stakes, so it's no surprise it's another FR player who's at the top. MarsMiland played 394,380 FR hands and won around $22,351, estimated at $23,389. He has an 11.3 bb/100 and 11.9 EV bb/100. MarsMiland is another PokerStars player, which is by far the network with the most players on the top 20 listings.

However, the second-place player, MuUkR, is the best player regarding bb/100. Primarily an SH player, he played 290,225 SH and FH games combined, making a total profit of $20,819. However, he has a 14 bb/100 and 13.6 EV bb/100.

Quality Over Quantity: Comparison to NLHE 2011

While 2011 is considered by many as the golden age of online poker, the results of top players then and now are similar. The 2011 rooms gave bigger rakeback, and players played for quantity over quality. Nowadays, players prioritize the quality of their playing over quantity.

So you'll see similar profits when comparing the two, but the best 2022 players have significantly higher bb/100. lets you maximize your profits and get a better bb/100 by giving you fantastic rakeback potential. Join one of our partner rooms through and find some of the best poker offers in the market.

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