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Unprecedented promotions at GG Network in January

Publish: 2018-01-02 12:20:28

When it comes to creative promotions, GG Network is the king of the game. They introduced a never-before-seen Tournament Dollar Promotion and a huge $28K Hold'em Invitational tournament to celebrate the New Year.

PPI Poker and Natural8 offer a nice and fresh way for their players to kick off the year with a nice payday.

All players have the chance to get their share of the $28,000 GG Network gives away in form of their invitational tournament. Once a player played a specific number of hands at Hold'em cash game tables, they will be credited with a free ticket for the tournament. Different stakes have different requirements. You can see the details below.

Blinds Hand requierment
$10/$20 500
$5/$10 750
$2/$4 1000
$1/$2 1250
$0.50/$1 2,250
$0.25/$0.50 3,500
$0.10/$0.25 7,000
$0.05/$0.10 20,000

Tickets will be credited to player accounts automatically, after meeting the hand requirements. The tickets are credited on January 8, 15, 22, 28.

The event starts at 14:00 (UTC+0) on January 28.

One player can only get one ticket but the huge rake back (up to 50%) and the fun environment are surely a motivation for anyone even if they've already got their entry.

In addition to this tournament, PPI Poker and Natural8 has also introduced an innovative Tournament $ Race, where they give away $10,000 in prizes.
Players simply need to enter the T$ Builder tournaments where they can win huge amounts of T$'s - which is a great opportunity for those who want to increase their bankroll without taking big risks since the buy-ins range from $1 to $8.

Each T$ a player earns in these tournaments will be tallied up towards the T$ Race Leaderboard. The T$ a player spends will not count in the promotion. The best 100 players are guaranteed for a share of the $10,000 prize pool. See the payout structure below.

Place Payout
1 $1,500
2 $1,200
3 $800
4 $700
5 $550
6 $450
7 $330
8 $250
9 $200
10 $170
11-15 $130
16-20 $100
21-25 $75
26-30 $60
31-35 $50
36-45 $40
46-55 $35
56-65 $32
66-75 $26
76-85 $19
86-100 $17

Members of GG Network, PPI Poker and Natural8 also offer rake backs to their players up to 50% as well as 200% first deposit bonuses up to $1,000!

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