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Unusually High Average Rakeback in One of Our Biggest Rake Races

Publish: 2017-07-11 12:10:08

July is expected to be a good month to play in our exclusive Unibet rake race based on the first few days' numbers. Plus, we had a talk with last month's Unibet rake race winner eastkiller that you can also read about here.

Our first 2-week $2,500 rake race is closing at the end of this week and this time it may be especially worth to get your "last-few-days" grind on as you can earn 24% extra rakeback on average based on our data coming from the first 9 days of the race. Even though 24% per se sounds great enough, please note that top places in our exclusive rake races tend to pay higher rakeback than the average and that it can be added to your cash back that you earn through Unibet's Loyalty Program and their €200 First Deposit Bonus.

As a way of showing our appreciation for the immense amount of work he put in, we talked with the winner of the last Unibet exclusive rake race, a man from Hungary with the username eastkiller. He raked over €2400 on Unibet which secured him the place on the top of the leaderboard, earning him €600 which equaled to almost 20% extra rakeback.

We learnt from our conversation that eastkiller is a winning regular on Unibet who exclusively plays 6-max cash games on NL400 and NL200 levels, although he started out in online poker with freeroller MTTs. He still recalls fondly the time he won $15 on a Paradise Poker freeroller. He managed to bust that bankroll in a few days, but he gave poker another shot: deposited $50 which lasted for a lot longer - in fact, technically it's still growing. With years of studying and playing the great game of No-limit Texas Hold'em eastkiller got to the point where he could quit his job as a receptionist and makes his living at the online card tables.

Unibet €2,500 Exclusive Rake Race - Early July
Unibet €2,500 Exclusive Rake Race - Late July
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