total race prizepool in June

Up to 15% rakeback and $18,000 in additional prizes!

Publish: 2020-08-11 17:53:00

A rake race, a rake chase, and a special WPT hand race will make sure you find excellent value at partypoker in August.

Our rakeback offer at partypoker includes:

Rake Chase up to 15% extra rakeback AND;
$12,000 Rake Race with extra cash prizes;
Up to 50% weekly cashbacks;
$30 SPINS tickets;

Total: up to 65% rakeback + $12,000 Leaderboard prizes + $6,000 WPT tickets

All of the players, who sign up via are entitled to the rake chase and the rake race, as well as the WPT hand race promotions.

As we already discussed, in August, we offer you not two but three different types of promotions at partypoker, and you can participate in all of them at the same time!

Rake Race - $12,000 in total cash prizes

We offer our usual rake race with $12,000 in total prizes rewarding 40 players, with $1,800 for the winner!

Rake Chase - up to 15% extra rakeback

No surprise here either, you can still enjoy the extra rakeback in addition to our cash prizes, which will hit your account together at the beginning of September!

WPT Hand Race - $1,500 worth of tickets each week

Here is the newcomer! As you know, the WPT Online is well underway at partypoker, and many of the events had massive overlays!

To make sure You won't miss out on the great value, we created this weekly WPT hand race, where we give away a total of 85 tickets each week!

Even the low-stakes grinders have a great shot at the biggest prizes in this race, as only the number of hands you play matters - regardless of the stakes you play!

  • For every cash game hand, you play, you'll receive 1 point on the leaderboard!
  • For every spin/sng game you play, you'll receive 15 points on the leaderboard!

Heads-up, 9-max, 6-max, hyper, turbo, regular SNGs normal, and Ultra SPINS all count!

Rank Prize
1st 3 x $109 and 1 x $33 tickets
2nd 2 x $109 and 2 x $33 tickets
3rd 1 x $109 and 2 x $33 tickets
4-5th 3 x $33 tickets
6-8th 2 x $33 and 3 x $3,30 tickets
9-11th 1 x $33 and 5 x $3,30 tickets
12-15th 5 x $3,30 tickets
16-20th 3 x $3,30 tickets

The winners will receive the tickets directly at their accounts by the following Tuesday of the certain weeks!

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